Homeless again! Do YOU have space we can use?
Jan 2012 20

Bah – our good fortunes couldn’t last. In a curious turn of events, Fly53 have been forced to move out from their premises that also doubled as our seedy Soho studio. As such, we are now sans-studio and therefore cannot currently do the show unless we find a new home for our setup.

So: if any people out there can offer two rambling buffoons space for a small studio setup (and we mean TINY – broom cupboard size) with access to some ADSL for live streaming, then please do get in touch: trick@rhythm-incursions.com

It may be that Fly53 find new premises in London and still have space for our ramshackle rig. Otherwise, we need your help dear listeners!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank Troy and the team at Fly53 who have been amazing. They put up with our mess in the corner of their stockroom. They threw a swanky party for us. They even got us interviewed by Vice Style section! All power to them; we love the team, we love the clothes and if they get a new spot, we’ll happily return to our roles as errant resident broadcasters.

In the meantime, we need a new home. Can you help? If so, drop us a line!

Show #78 (Jan.’12)
Jan 2012 18

This week we pay respects to Jimmy Castor, revisit the jazz fusion debate via some Miles Davis, drop some properly dirty dub courtesy of Bully alumni Carlo, drop large bass with Orange Hill & Hint and argue over whether Savoy Brown is “loose 70s rock” or just funk. Go get some.

Show #77 (Jan.’12)
Jan 2012 11

I was going to write a florid description for this show, but our listener @MarianneStephen said everything that needs to be said with this tweet:

“Just turned up & it’s all about zombie porn. That track sounded pretty groovy to me tho. Now some mum jazz (!) – nice one!”


Show #76 (Dec.’11) AKA The 2011 Christmas Special
Dec 2011 19

So here it is people: our 2011 Christmas Special. Sporting a Trick in a festive mood and a Tom feeling positively curmudgeonly, we roll out another selection of Christmas-themed treats traversing the lesser-trodden paths that take in anything from the Rhythm & Blues classics of The Debonaires and post-punk of Steel Leg through to the outright creepiness of Pac-Man and straight-up funk of Binky Griptite. Take a listen by the fire with a cup of eggnog.

Show #75 (Nov.’11)
Nov 2011 30

Its a stellar selection this week (if we say so ourselves) as we drop old-style beats of the J Saul Kane variety in the shape of Red Ninja, get rootsy with The Band covering Marvin Gaye, check Beck channelling Prince’s slowjams, deliver sun-splashed dancehall with Spice & Pinchers and… just a whole load more. Go get some – this one’s a keeper.

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